Day #2149 (Sun., Nov. 22, 2015) – Katie Wants To Go To Bed

2015-11-22 - SpatulaMy wife had me stop by Wal-Greens this morning to pick up a prescription for Katie. It was bubble gum flavor, which she hates, but my wife and her came up with a way to “down it”. Katie would put some apple juice in her mouth and my wife would shoot some of the medicine into her mouth with the syringe.

My wife took a nap this afternoon and I took care of Katie and little Bobby. Katie was in “rare form” and it was a real task to handle her. I’m told that antibiotics do this to kids?

In trying to get little Bobby to eat this afternoon I pretended to hit my head with the spatula (see photo to the left) and then made a funny face. He howled with delight. The things parents need to do in order to get their kids to eat. He also likes to munch on the soft silicone end…I think it helps relieve the pain from teething…

Katie came up to my wife at 5:45pm this evening and told her that she was ready for bed. It’s very rare when Katie asks to go to bed…she is obviously tired from being sick.