Day #2162 (Sat., Dec. 5, 2015) – Fresh Market Watermelon

The heating was off when I got up this morning. When we moved into our new house we got a new HVAC so that we would have no problems and there has been nothing but problems. We called Greg but he was out of town so he tried to contact two of his friends. They didn’t answer their phones. Why are HVAC guys so unreliable?

2015-12-05 - Cat's TailLittle Bobby got a hold of Robin’s tail today (see photo to the right). Robin will just sit there and take it…kind of like he knows that this is his role in the family.

Katie expressed a desire for watermelon this afternoon. Fresh Market has the best price and availability on watermelon this time of year. I decided to get our other supplies there as well. Quite expensive. I’m going back to my original plan…only watermelon at Fresh Market from now on.

Today is the last day of the sale on wooden Christmas ornaments at Wal-Greens. My wife was able to place an order this evening before it ended.