Day #2166 (Wed., Dec. 9, 2015) – Shopping For Bananas

2015-12-09 - Holiday Stickers

I sent my wife a link to the “Mousetrap Game” we used to play as kids. I guess it is still a hit. I think Katie will like it so we might get it this Christmas.

I had an eye appointment this afternoon. They were eager to fit me for new frames, but I will go to Sam’s Club where they are cheaper.

After my eye exam I stopped off at Trader Joe’s as we are running low on supplies. Katie specifically asked for cherries, so I got her some dried ones (fresh ones are out of season). I was also able to pick up some holiday stickers for her. The bill was over $300…one of our largest groceries bills to date, but we were low on almost everything. They have holiday stickers now (see photo to the right).

Unfortunately one of the things that I couldn’t get at Trader Joe’s was bananas. They were sold out for some reason. So as soon as I came home and dropped off the groceries I had to go to Harris-Teeter and get some. They are a vital ingredient in the smoothies that Katie has every morning.

I’m still getting over this cold/flu (or whatever you call it). I was so tired when I got home that I played with little Bobby for a bit and went right to bed. More tired than I was hungry…