Day #2181 (Thu., Dec. 24, 2015) – Calling NORAD

2015-12-24 - Foot ArtAs I was getting ready for work this morning my wife brought little Bobby in to see me. He wanted to see his daddy. Once he did he had this big broad smile on his face and then turned away…and then back to look at me again, one more smile, then turn away. I’m not sure why but he seems to get shy at times and needs to turn his head away.

The photo to the right shows Katie’s “Foot Art”. It’s basically an outline of her foot that Arnesa and her made a reindeer out of.

I got an email from my sister thanking me for the Tim Horton’s gift cards we sent the other day. Her Christmas presents arrived and are now under the tree.

I went to work today but managed to leave around 3:00pm so that I could spend Christmas Eve with the family. My boss told me to take home a box of chocolates that one of the vendors sent him. Katie liked them but my wife loved them.

We had problems getting through on the NORAD Santa line but we eventually did. The girl told us that Santa would be in North Carolina between the hours of 9pm and midnight. I didn’t have the heart to ask her where the Sahara Desert was this year (last year the girl told us it was in South America).

The next step in the process was to put out some milk and cookies for Santa. After Katie went to bed my wife drank some of the milk and ate some of the cookie so it would look like Santa had arrived. I remember my mother always forgetting to do this…

Katie is very excited about Christmas and it was really hard to put her to sleep. I kept telling her that he would not come while she was asleep. My wife explicitly told her not to go into her room (as all the presents are there), but she did. She even came out of her bedroom at a later hour to see if Santa was here yet. Eventually she fell asleep…

Little Bobby is, well, little Bobby. Happy go lucky and smiley as ever. He has no idea of all the excitement that is around him, and the fact that tomorrow he will be getting such nice presents.