Day #2219 (Sun., Jan 31, 2016) – Getting Into The Power Cords

2016-01-31 - DanceAs you can see on the sign to the left the Daddy-Daughter Dance is coming up soon. I won’t be able to take Katie this year as my knee is bothering me. It seems that there is always some reason we can’t go…

My leg is not the best so my wife took Katie to Trader Joe’s for supplies this afternoon. Little Bobby was in bed when they left but was up soon after. Katie made sure that they picked up the chocolate covered marshmallows that she loves.

Little Bobby enjoys playing with the measuring tape these days. Not only does it have a strap (which is one of his favorite features on almost any item), it has a little ruler that pops in and out.

As little Bobby gets more and more mobile he is getting into more and more. This evening he managed to get into the power cords near my wife’s laptop. I think the good ole’ days of Captain Turnip are behind us now…

My wife and Katie worked out a letter for Miss Randby this evening. She wants to see us regarding Katie’s progress so we will effectively be meeting her on Thursday, her last day at school.

As I was feeding little Bobby this evening I started to hum and clap my hands together. He clapped his hands together as well. My wife and I have been commenting on how intently he watches you when you are doing things.