Day #375 (Thu., Jan. 13, 2011) – Sleeping In the Playyard

My wife put some of our playmats on the living room area, and Katie now has more room to roam around. She enjoys looking out our patio door, but we have to watch and make sure she doesn’t grab ahold of our portable phone. The corners of the television stand are a bit sharp, so we have to watch that she doesn’t bump into those as well.

2011-01-13 - New Vacuum
2011-01-13 - New Vacuum

The photo to the left shows the latest addition to our collection of “stuff” to help make Katie’s life more manageable…a new vacuum cleaner. Katie can sometimes leave a trail of destruction in her wake (as you can clearly see here), so it’s nice to have such a device to help clean up after her. This vacuum cleaner is so light that it’s easy to manage and navigate into even the most cramped areas of the house. Of course with that bright yellow color it’s hard to misplace it as well… 🙂

I was so tired this evening, and yet Katie was too fussy to be left alone (she will cry and cry til you come and attend to her). The solution…take my pillow and blanket into the playyard. You do have to move all the toys to one end of the playyard first in order to make space for this mind you. Katie ended up crawling all over me while I had a nap, but my being there proved to be quite the novelty for her. At least she calmed down and didn’t cry…

1) Katie enjoyed having daddy sleep in her playyard this evening.