Day #458 (Wed., Apr. 6, 2011) – Sesame Street

We got a huge laundry list from the HOA of things that we will need to get the contractor to do if we want to screen in our porch. He is already thinking of adding some more $ to the total bill. We will have to see if this is a workable solution or not.

2011-04-06 - Les MiserablesWe are 50/50 on getting the porch screened in. It would be nice for the summer and Katie would enjoy the sandbox and wading pool out on the porch without the bugs attacking her. Having said that, we might outgrow our townhouse soon and it sure would be nice to have a fenced-in backyard where she could roam. Time will tell…

Katie loves “Les Miserables” so much that my wife and I decided that we would go ahead and buy the DVD (see photo to the left). In this way we can see the whole thing from end to end and not have to worry about all the space on our TiVo being used up.

Sesame Street was on television this evening. Brought back memories of when I was a child. Katie really liked it. I guess that some things are timeless.

1) Katie sure loves Sesame Street.