Day #521 (Wed., June 8, 2011) – The Sound Of Music Blu-Ray DVD

At 2am this morning Katie was up and running. At 5:30am we decided that we had better take her for a drive. We ended up going to Apex and back. I was thinking…we live lives of rock stars. Katie is the rock star and we are her support staff. She is up til the we hours of the morning partying while we support her lifestyle…

I have a series of mini gel pens that I picked up at Staples a few weeks ago. Katie likes them as they are tiny and colorful and she can stack them and move them in unison from here to there. I had an empty Cheerios box so I put them inside and closed the container. She must have watched me do this as she knew exactly how to open up the box.

2011-06-08 - Clothes
2011-06-08 - Clothes

The photo to the right shows some of the clothes for Katie that my wife picked up at the mall yesterday.

We got the Sound Of Music Blu-Ray DVD in the mail today. I picked up an LG Blu-Ray DVD Player at Wal-Mart. We watched it this evening and the picture is absolutely spectacular. It’s amazing how they can remaster these movies years after they were filmed. It takes Katie time to warm up to something new, but we think that she likes it. The nice thing about this DVD is that there are no commercials. We are suffering a bit of a “commercial overdose” as PBS seems to have fund raisers on quite a bit.

I was going to take Katie to the mall this evening to run around, but the time just flew by. We are having an air warning for a couple of days and they are encouraging young children and the elderly to stay inside. We thought that giving Katie a chance to run around the mall might give her some exercise.

This evening we gave Katie a bath. I sat with her to make sure she would not try to stand in the tub (a common problem these days).

1) Katie loves to play with my mini gel pens.