Day #535 (Wed., June 22, 2011) – Doggie Kiss

Katie slept til 10:15am this morning…

2011-06-22 - Silicon Spoon
2011-06-22 - Silicon Spoon

We got more Andre Riel DVD’s in the mail today. The nice thing about these as opposed to the PBS specials is “no commercials”.

There can be no doubt that Katie has lots of good healthy teeth. Look at what she did to her silicon baby spoon (see photo to the right).

Katie has learned how to climb up onto the dining room chairs. She has such a look of accomplishment when she does.

We went to the kiddie park near Lochmere this evening. Katie spent most of the time in the sandbox digging up dirt with a plastic shovel and putting it into a plastic pail. There was an older girl there who was playing with Katie and taking good care of her. We took our new “sidewalk chalk” along as well, but Katie seemed to have lost interest in it pretty quickly. Perhaps this activity will grow on her given time.

While at the park Katie walked up to a guy who was walking his labrador retriever dog. This dog was very energetic and 17 months old (his owner told us). When he saw Katie he jumped up and planted a big slurpy kiss on her. You should have seen Katie’s face. She was not amused. Her look was of the “How dare you, I hardly know you” nature.

For dinner tonight Katie had some oatmeal. She of course had to put her fingers in it first… She cried and cried even though it was “warmish”, not really hot. When she is tired almost everything upsets her. Time for bed soon (hopefully).

10:27pm – Katie is still up…avoiding very successfully out attempts to put her to bed. She is getting a great kick out of taking the power cord out of my wife’s laptop (and being much less successful in putting it back).

Midnight… Katie has just gone to bed. We are beat. Let’s hope that she will sleep through the night now.

1) Katie doesn’t like dog kisses very much…