Day #988 (Mon., Sept. 17, 2012) – Nature Explorer Day

2012-09-17 - Nature Explorer
2012-09-17 – Nature Explorer

Katie was so happy on the way to preschool this morning. She was singing a song from Mary Poppins as my wife drove her to school. Today is “Nature Explorer” day at the preschool. Take a look at the nice craft that Katie made in school in the photo to the right. On Wednesday’s they have music class.

I happened to come home for lunch today so I ended up driving my wife up to the preschool to pick up Katie. Sure enough, the elevator doors swung open and Katie started to cry. It sure doesn’t look like she is happy to see us…but we just say it’s because she doesn’t want to leave her friends behind.

We got a notice this evening that our Cary house was going to be getting an appraisal tomorrow. What’s up with that? I thought we had already gone through the appraisal process? We were to later find out that the bank ordered a regular appraisal by mistake…the should have ordered another type as the buyer is getting a GI Bill loan.

1) Today was Nature Explorer Day at Katie’s preschool.