Day #1015 (Sun., Oct. 14, 2012) – Picking Up Pumpkins

2012-10-14 - The Great Pumpkin
2012-10-14 – The Great Pumpkin

I installed a broom holder in the washer/dryer room while my wife took Katie to the playground. They were back early as Katie banged her head on one of the overhanging boards. She has been fussy all day and this certainly didn’t help.

When Katie got up from her nap we took her to Maple Dairy Farms for some ice cream and then to a pumpkin patch outside of CiCi’s (our hairdresser) to pick up a couple of Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins (see photo to the right). They had the pumpkin carving kit that we saw on television the other day so we got one of those as well.

The next stop was the Dollar Store where we picked up some little battery-operated lights to fit inside the pumpkins once we have them ready.

On the way home we stopped off at KFC to get some chicken. Of course they messed up the order. It reminds me of the definition of fast food that I heard on the radio the other day… “Fast Food is bad food that you eat in the car while you fume about the service you got”. Pretty accurate…

Of all the things that Katie could get at the Dollar Store she chose to get a black plastic rat. When I told her I would read her a bedtime story instead of a regular book she chose a book about spiders. Go figure…

1) Katie chose to get a “black plastic rat” toy above all others.