Day #1101 (Tue., Jan. 8, 2013) – Missing Her Parents

2013-01-08 - Moving Decorations
2013-01-08 – Moving Decorations

Katie was not up by the time my wife and I left for work and Katie was not too thrilled about that apparently. Becca told us that she was fussy all day and said how much she missed her mommy and daddy.

My wife moved the paper “vines” from the window to the entrance to the living room today (see photo to the left). Let’s see how long they survive with Katie around.

I went to bed early again this evening only to be awoken by Katie an hour later. She will run down the hall laughing and screaming and try to open the bedroom door to see daddy. Since we have one of those doorknob protectors on the door now she can’t get in, but she makes so much of a racket that it wakes me up. This actually works great as by the time I’m awoken my wife is worn out, so we switch roles…

This evening Katie wanted to watch a bit of “Clifford The Big Red Dog”. When I played a bit of “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” she said “No, I said Clifford The Big Red Dog”. So, Clifford it is… She drank some milk and then said she wanted some juice. After sipping on a juice pack for a bit I put her to bed.

1) Katie misses my wife and I more and more these days.