Day #1109 (Wed., Jan. 16, 2013) – What Is A Squirrel?

No surprise – it’s 8:30 am and Katie is still sleepy and tired. She didn’t want to go to school. My wife did take her, but she was not happy there. She just sat on a chair and cried on and off. At 10 am the teacher called up my wife and asked her to come and pick Katie up. They don’t want their children to have bad memories of school.

As they were driving up into the driveway they saw our neighbor Judy walking her dog Jill. Of course, Katie wanted to play with the doggy. They all came up to the house and Jill smelled everything. Judy said that Jill likes to smell squirrels. Somehow Katie figured that Jill didn’t know what squirrels are so Katie gave a perfect definition: “a squirrel is a small animal with a big tail”.

We got an email about the “Teacher Appreciation Lunch” that will be provided by the Turtle families. My wife signed up for bringing the lasagna and volunteering 30 minutes to set the tables.

2013-01-16 - Stringing Beads
2013-01-16 – Stringing Beads

When I got home from work, true to form, Katie was all over daddy. She is extremely attached to me these days. There used to be a time when I could do some work around the house, but not these days. I just play with Katie and once in a while I can “sneak away” while she is watching television. Katie is into “stringing beads” as of late (see photo to the right).

1) Katie was crying at school today so my wife went to pick her up early.