Day #1190 (Sun., Apr. 7, 2013) – Garden Snake

It was cold this morning so we played with Katie inside waiting for it to warm up. She brought a Koala (from the tube of toys we got her on Friday evening) to me this morning and wanted me to tell her a bit more about it.

2013-04-07 - Garden SnakeWhile Katie was napping this afternoon my wife and I went out to the garden to finish it off. As I was setting up the deer netting for the door on the ground a snake came crawling up right in front of me (see photo to the left). Almost like a dog that wanted to play. I thought they were supposed to be scared of people? Anyway, I got out the snow shovel and it is “no more”. When Katie got up from her nap I made a point to point it out to her and told her that if she ever saw one to not touch it. Just run away and tell mommy or daddy or a responsible adult. I want to make sure that she realizes it is dangerous.

After dinner we packed up Katie and took her to Lowe’s. We needed some more compost and a plastic sheet to cover over the plants in case of frost. We also picked up some “Snake Away”. Of course Katie had to try out all the tractors.

On the way home we stopped off at Yopop. Funny, we haven’t been there in a long time and we’ve been there Friday, Saturday and tonight…

Katie has been getting rather loud and interrupting mommy and daddy in the car as of late. Yesterday we mentioned that if she wanted our attention she should say “Mommy, daddy, excuse me, I have something to tell you”. She did this yesterday and she continued to do this today. It’s nice to have a polite child…let’s hope this sticks.

1) Katie is starting to say “excuse me” before interrupting us.