Day #1201 (Thu., Apr. 18, 2013) – Very Protective Of Katie

2013-04-18 - Wall DrawingKatie is quite the artist. Take a look at the picture she drew of a man (to the right). Red hair and everything. It was on the wall though…but that’s another story.

Katie’s back is looking weird these days. Elea thinks it is spider bites. My wife sent a picture to our doctor friend in Charlotte. She said that it is good we got pictures. We just need to compare these bites each day to the previous pictures to determine if they are getting better.

Our babysitter Becca is very protective of Katie. As she was driving Katie to the museum today a lady in another car was watching her GPS and almost ran into them. As it turns out she was going to the museum too, so when Becca saw her car in the parking lot she went up to her and told her that “I was driving the car that you almost hit. I have a three year old in that car who is very protective of me”.

This evening Katie was trying to put her plastic dog pull toy down her dress. The neck in the dress was not big enough so it would not go. I suggested that she put it in up her dress as the hole is bigger. She did, and seemed very satisfied with the results.

1) Katie’s back is looking pretty bad these days…insect bites or something.