Day #1582 (Sun., May 4, 2014) – Daddy/Daughter Day #13

My wife took Katie next door to Jui Lan’s house this morning for flowers.

2014-05-04 - Clifford Big Red DogI’m still not feeling 100% (could I be coming down with another cold? Horrors…) but I took Katie out for another one of our Daddy/Daughter Days. We went to Kidzoo in the Chapel Hill Shopping Mall. Katie really likes this place and I can see why. There is so much to do and it is so much bigger than the other one we have been to. They are having an exhibit of “Clifford The Big Red Dog” (see photo to the left). We played on some of the slides and used stamps to create patterns on paper, but mostly I read books to Katie while she turned the pages (her favorite activity as of late).

We then went to McDonald’s where I got Katie a chocolate dipped ice cream cone. There was almost nobody there so we set in a section of booths all by ourselves. Soon Katie asked me to sit next to her…she likes that sort of thing.

This evening we wanted to coax Katie into the tub so we gave her a tube of toy horses. They even have riders for them which is nice.

1) I took Katie to McDonalds for her first chocolate-dipped ice cream cone ever…