Day #1726 (Thu., Sep. 25, 2014) – Hi To Teagan

2014-09-25 - BooksThe photo to the right shows some of the books that Katie is into reading as of late.

Before Katie left for school today I asked her if she remembered the promise she made to me last night. She had already forgotten so I reminded her that she was going to play with Teagan today. My wife told me that as she dropped Katie off at school they saw each other in the bathroom and said hi to each other and talked to each other about their shoes. There were no signs of “clinginess” on Katie’s part whatsoever.

When Katie got home from school this afternoon she told me that she played with Teagan. She made soup with her and ate lunch with her. I told her that I was so proud of her that she would get a special present…a bowl of cotton candy (after she ate her dinner of course). She was so excited. I got up from the LazyBoy where I was watching the news and gave her the chair. I put the green blanket on her and turned on “My Little Pony”. After dinner she got her bowl of cotton candy.

I wanted to play up how proud I was of her for doing what I asked and playing with Teagan. Hopefully this is a lesson that she will incorporate moving forward.

1) Katie made an effort to play with Teagan today and daddy is so proud of her.