Day #1842 (Mon., Jan. 19, 2015) – Assembling The Crib

2015-01-19 - Lego FigurineToday is MLK here in the U.S. so I had the day off. I ended up running a lot of errands this morning. I got a couple of Lego figurines at FiveBelow. I also picked up some mounting tape for Katie’s magnetic board at Lowe’s.

I gave one of the Lego figurines to Katie and she assembled it quickly. It was a snake charmer with a cobra (see photo to the left). My wife commented that did not have a Lego cobra…and now we do!

I went to Trader Joe’s this evening for supplies. Katie made a request for chocolate chip cookies. I also picked up some avocados.

Later this evening I disassembled and then reassembled the crib in little Bobby’s room (see photo to the left). With this in place and all the other major pieces of furniture in the room we can figure out what goes where.

1) I gave Katie a Lego snake charmer figurine today.