Day #2036 (Sat., Aug. 1, 2015) – Mike & Jui-Lan Come To Dinner

2015-08-01 - Angry BirdsThe photo to the right shows the picture of the “Birds” that Katie drew in Art Camp this past week. I simply love it. The red one reminds me of the “Angry Birds” game and this drawing has a bit of a Picasso flare with one bird upside down, piercing yellow eyes, and varying emotions and expressions on the faces.

Little Bobby weighed in at 20 lbs 2 oz (9130 g) today.

We are having Mike and Jui-Lan over for dinner this evening so I went to both Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods for supplies. Two packages of meat lasagnas seem to be our standard dinner fare for guests. I also got a lot of salad ingredients. I picked up the package of chia seeds that my wife has been wanting. Some fresh sunflowers from Trader Joe’s would adorn the table…

The guests arrived at 5pm and we had a nice time together. They had some pictures of their son’s wedding in upstate New York. Little Bobby really took to Mike. Katie was all over Jui-Lan and showed her Isabelle and various toys and art projects she was working on. One little piece of chocolate for dessert ensured that she would be hard to put to bed this evening.

We are excited to see that “Word World” is now on Netflix. We’re hoping that shows like this will teach Katie to spell.