Day #2046 (Tue., Aug. 11, 2015) – Dive Toys

2015-08-11 - Diving Toys

My wife has been taking both little Bobby and Katie on strolls around the neighborhood in the morning while daddy sleeps. They are sometimes gone when I awake and I will see them as I’m driving to work.

We have quite the collection of dive toys around the house these days (see photo to the right). I guess the theory is that if Katie finds something she specifically likes she won’t mind diving down into the water to fetch it. She really doesn’t like her face to get splashed and Miss Barbara is working hard to remedy this situation.

Today Bobby’s weight was 20 lbs 0.5 oz, exactly the same as on July 30th , 12 days ago… Still hits the 97th percentile… Katie was the same age on June 6th. Her weight on June 4th was 18lbs 3.5oz, according to June 13, 2010 blog post ( My wife later told me that she was not sure this weight for little Bobby was representative…you need to take into account if he ate or had a #2 or “whatever”.