Day #2056 (Fri., Aug. 21, 2015) – PTA Talk With Susan

2015-08-21 - Color WheelOur new babysitter LeeAnn is into origami and showed us some of her artistry when she was over on Monday. I remembered the “color wheels” we used to make as a child and showed Katie how to make one (see photo to the right).

We have lots of questions regarding kindergarten so our neighbor Susan, who happens to be in charge of the PTA, came over talk to my wife. She brought her daughter Helen along so they had a bit of a play date.

At 4pm Susan took my wife and Katie to Glenwood School to see the school. They actually met the Chinese girl who will be teaching Katie. Kasey tended to little Bobby til I got home.

I play this game with little Bobby in which I raise the bottle high and then bring it down…kind of like a spaceship. I will then start to tip the nipple towards him and make the sound of a truck backing up. She really likes this game judging from the expression on his face. By this time he is usually ready to have some more milk.