Day #2059 (Mon., Aug. 24, 2015) – First Day At Kindergarten

2015-08-24 - Glenwood SchoolToday was Katie’s first day of kindergarten at Glenwood Elementary School (see photo to the left). Only a couple of hours, but her first day nonetheless. Fortunately Eleri will not be going til tomorrow. Starting Wednesday we will see what this year will bring in regards to those two…

We had a hard time getting a babysitter this morning and I had a 10am video meeting I needed to attend, so I stayed home and tended to little Bobby while my wife took Katie to kindergarten. Little Bobby was good for the most part…he even fell asleep 10 minutes before my meeting so there was no drama in that regard. Around 11am Katie and my wife returned home and I went to work.

Katie to swimming class at 3pm this afternoon.

I feel a bit of a cold coming on. I haven’t been sick for a while…which is great. It would be nearly impossible for us to tend to two kids with one of us sick. As it stands now when one is tired or not feeling well the other can take up the slack for a “bit”.