Day #2060 (Tue., Aug. 25, 2015) – Kindergarten Questions

2015-08-25 - Kindergarten Learning QuestionsThe photo to the left shows some of the questions the Glenwood School kindergarten teachers would like us to go over with Katie.

I had a cold so I worked from home today. Kasey took care of little Bobby and Katie. I asked her if it was too much for her and she said no.

My wife went to work. If little Bobby ran out of milk we decided that I would drive by her office and she would bring some down to the front door and I would take it home to Kasey. In the end we had plenty of milk.

Miss Mary from Katie’s preschool sent us an email asking how kindergarten was going. My wife sent her some photos of Katie and she responded “Thanks for the report and the great pictures! No doubt Katie will love Kindergarten and excel and I think you 2 had something to do with that 🙂 I can tell she’s enjoying being a big sister, I love that she’s already reading to Bobby.”.

Eleri’s mom replied the following: “Today was just 2 hours at Glenwood (orientation)—Eleri was quite upset when she learned it wasn’t a full day. And also seemed shocked that half of her day would be taught in Mandarin (we prepared her for this all summer, I swear!). She was also VERY impressed by the library: “We have our own library? This school is the best ever!”