Day #2058 (Sun., Aug. 23, 2015) – Partying At Glenwood

As I was changing little Bobby this morning I took off his diaper and yelled out “Freeedommm”. He got a great kick out of that and laughed and laughed.

Mark and Dalia and Timmy came up from Charlotte to visit us today. We bought some steaks and kebabs from Trader Joe’s and grilled them. A lovely delish meal.

2015-08-23 - Izzy's BookMy wife and I and Katie met the other teachers and parents and students at Glenwood School playground this evening. Izzy babysat Katie while we were away and brought her this lovely book from Europe (see photo to the left).

Katie met with Eleri at the party and played with her for most of the evening. “Go Figure”. She later mentioned that Eleri was very nice to her. This is usually the way it goes. Since she didn’t know anyone else it is only natural that she would play with Katie. Katie told us that Eleri used to tell Katie that she could not play with her and Duncan. This evening Katie introduced Helen to Eleri…quite the difference.

We met a Russian family this evening. There daughter Katya will be attending Glenwood as well. We were very impressed with Katie as she came up to Katya and took her by the hand and said “Come on…I want to see that you are included”. Her parents were very touched (as were we).