Day #2096 (Wed., Sept. 30, 2015) – Little Bobby’s First Tooth

2015-09-30 - Little Bobby's First ToothMy wife emailed me to tell me that little Bobby has his first tooth (see photo to the right). Now that it has finally peeked through the gum he is no longer crying (in fact he stopped crying yesterday). My wife felt the tooth and it is as sharp as a razor.

Little Bobby has started to play this little game of “Swatting Bottles Away” as you try to feed him. I’m not totally sure if this is just a game or him showing his displeasure if the milk is too cold. He will put the bottle back into his mouth again though…not like he refuses to drink once he discovers that the milk is too cold.

Katie told my wife and I that she was playing with Herron today and Eleri came up. I guess Eleri talked Katie into going to play with her and leaving poor Herron behind. My wife and I told Katie that this is not very nice and tried to relay to her that Eleri is playing the same game she used to play with Duncan. Remember how it felt when she ran off with Duncan and left you behind Katie? Let’s see how this goes…

Little Bobby is fine with the music from the Baby Geniuses “Nursery Rhymes” video. My wife doesn’t like him looking at the television, but it seems just the audio from this program does the trick. He calms down in no time.