Day #8 (Mon., Jan. 11, 2010) – The Gator Diaper Bag

2:30am – Little Katie is a little over one week old. My wife and I are both up and we hear our little one squeaking in the crib next to our bed.

8:15am – What a blessing this last night was. Katie was up only once, but slept through the night for the most part. My wife and I needed this night…we were wearing out… My wife has a new “burrito wrap” outfit in which her head is covered…maybe she likes that. Maybe she is getting more food at her feedings now. She didn’t need any pacifier, nothing… What a blessing.

9:00am – Cheese Omelet and cappuccino for breakfast. Little Katie is done her breakfast and is back in her crib.

11:00am – Little Katie’s umbilical cord is almost ready to fall off…

11:30am – Little Katie is having some more breakfast now. My wife had her lying on her stomach and she was lifting her head up to see what what going on. At a bit over one week she already seems to have strong neck muscles.

1:45pm – Rustle and bustle and gurgle from the crib… Little Katie is arising, but she is not crying…”yet”. She seems to find more and more wonder in the world around her. This morning her gaze was being directed towards the window. We are not sure what she was looking at? Could it just be the bright light streaming in from outside? Our pediatrician said that she can make out shapes like a ceiling fan at this age, but not the specifics.

2:00pm – I just sneezed and poor little Katie went into a “full body convulsion”. I think loud sounds like that make her realize she is in a strange world of noises now. Sorry little Katie…

2010-01-11 - Diaper Holder
2010-01-11 - Diaper Holder

2:30pm – Before we left for the hospital my wife asked me to put a hook on the bookshelf next to the changing table to hold the diaper bag. That was good foresight on her part. With little Katie on the changing table you only need to have a free hand to get the next “diaper reinforcement”. No need to bend or turn, they are always right at hand.. Our diaper bag has a little green gator on the top…not sure what that has to do with diapers (a teddy bear might be more baby-like), but oh well, it sure does it’s job well…

6:00pm – Little Katie is done eating and sitting in a little foam bed between my wife and I on our bed. She seems to like it here better than the crib. I think she likes to be with others. Social butterfly in training…

8:15pm – It’s funny watching little Katie look for her supper. She seems to realize that it is near, in fact “she smells it”, but she hasn’t yet figured out how to get to it. The look of anticipation on her face is just priceless. Mouth wide open waiting for the target, she moves and wiggles, but hasn’t yet figured out how to navigate or use her body parts to full advantage. A gentle directional change from my wife seems to do the trick. Little Katie has found the food source… Drink up…

1) It’s a good idea to hang a diaper bag to have it handy.
2) The Umbilical cord will fall off in about a week.