Day #3078 (Sun., Jun 10, 2018) – TJ’s Birthday Spinner

Today was another lazy day. It’s great to have them from time-to-time. We were hoping that Zmeden would bring the kids over but it was not to be.

I spent some time working on the Australian Passport Kit that Katie got in the mail. It’s very thought-provoking and very educational in many aspects. She’s writing in pencil so hopefully, we will be able to reuse them for Bobby when he gets a bit older.

2018-06-10 - TJ's SpinnerI was telling Steven that they probably have veteran affairs hospitals in Germany that Genevieve can work in. Are they off to Germany now?

Trader Joes for supplies tonight. Terry, the worker there, got to meet my wife and kids. There is a spinner there (first time I saw it) that people can spin and get a gift on their birthday. Bobby enjoyed playing with it (see photo to the left). The kids really enjoy their Swedish fish candies.

The pool has turned green. We were hoping that salt water tablets would help, but it needs more “power” so we are going to use chlorine. We have to drain the pool and clean it out first.

Dzenen has gone to Bosnia by himself. Arnesa will be going to the dentist on Thursday afternoon so we will tend to baby Ayra for a bit.