Day #325 (Wed., Nov. 24, 2010) – Three Accidents

Little Katie scratched her forehead last night. When my wife fed her at 6am it was already there. This was a foreshadow of what was to come…

2010-11-24 - Crib Rail
2010-11-24 - Crib Rail

My wife was doing laundry and little Katie took a hanger and stuffed one end of it into her mouth. When she pulled it out sharply it scratched her mouth. She cried…but it was not bad.

It seems that we have to protect the whole house from “chipmunk teeth” these days. She has started to chew on her crib as of late, so we had to get a “crib rail cover” (as shown in the photo to the right) to protect the wood.

They say that all things come in threes…well…little Katie was playing with a napkin holder and accidentally banged her teeth on it. #3 of 3… Let’s hope there is no #4 today…

My wife got her travel documents in the mail today. We are now good to go to Canada for Christmas.

After dinner tonight we took little Katie out for a drive. She slept for about 30 minutes in the back of the car…this will hopefully mean that there will be no problems putting her to bed tonight.

1) Little Katie had three accidents today.