Day #369 (Fri., Jan. 7, 2011) – Shopping Cart & Blocks

Katie and I started a new game this evening. I would roll up a piece of clothing and go 1-2-3 and then throw it into Katie’s lap. For some reason she got a real kick out of this and laughed and laughed.

2011-01-07 - Pushing The Shopping Cart
2011-01-07 - Pushing The Shopping Cart

Katie had three naps today…just like a newborn. Her first two naps were extremely short. It’s 9:25pm and we are facing a long, long evening…

Katie was playing in the hallway this evening when I held her up to hold her toy shopping cart. I assisted her, but she managed to hold on and push the cart to the other end of the hallway (see photo to the right). Her legs are not strong enough for her to stand up for long, but she is getting there…

In addition, Katie managed to put the blue block into the hole in the toy container this evening. She is growing up…just like that.

Quite the day for firsts. Katie managed to turn the wheel on her toy ferris wheel this evening. She’s not able to use the crank to turn it just yet, but she will get there.

1) Katie pushed her toy shopping cart to the other end of the hallway.