Day #371 (Sun., Jan. 9, 2011) – Sharing A Teething Biscuit

Looks like we might be getting more snow. I drove to Trader Joe’s to pick up some yogurt for Katie and other supplies in case we get snowed in.

2011-01-09 - Play Tent
2011-01-09 - Play Tent

The photo to the left shows an area that we have set up in the hallway for Katie (its amazing how quickly a child can claim almost every area of the house). It has a play tent and a large circular tube that Katie can run in and out. It’s amazing how much children love tents and things that they can crawl inside. One of my favorite toys growing up was a huge box that a refrigerator came in.

My wife was in house-cleaning mode today, so she started to put away some of Katie’s toys that she does not use any more. For example, she disassembled the “Around We Go” Activity Station.

I’m still weak from the pneumonia, but I was able to spend a lot of time in the playyard with Katie. Katie just wants me to be near her, even if I don’t play with her intensely.

I put the diaper boxes on their ends so that Katie could practice standing up taller. I would bang on the tops of them and Katie would bang on them as well. She likes noise…no matter what type of noise…

Katie played with her teething biscuit, wiped it a bit on the floor, then offered me a piece of it. Thanks for thinking of me Katie…but no thanks…

1) Katie shared her teething biscuit with me today.