Day #33 (Fri., Feb. 5, 2010) – 10lbs 8oz

Super Bowl weekend is here and little Katie is just besides herself with anticipation. Either that, or she has gas. She has been moaning and groaning and chirping and squeaking all night…

2010-01-05 - Doggie
2010-01-05 - Doggie

The picture on the left shows a little plush doggie that we got from my wife’s mother. We don’t have a name for it yet, but we are working on it. We could always let little Katie name it, but that might take a while.

When little Katie is nursing she has started moaning. It’s like a moan of complete contentment, kind of like “there is no other place on earth I would rather be”.

It’s raining “cats and dogs” here today, and they say that we will be getting a rain and snow combination tomorrow. Glad that we are not situated a bit further north. Oh well, we have about 30 diapers left, so if we happen to get snowed in tomorrow and Sunday we will be fine.

Some of the broadest smiles that little Katie gives me is when I’m changing her. I think she likes the “cool breeze” when the diaper is off. I suspect it feels so “freeing” to her. I guess she really appreciates that.

My wife and I are on the bed watching “Super Nanny” and little Katie is sleeping in her “bouncy seat” between us. I think she prefers the “bouncy seat” to the “Pack ‘n Play” for two reasons:

1) She gets to be here with us.
2) It kind of “hugs her”…probably reminds her of being back in the womb.

I was holding little Katie at eye level this evening and started to mouth “hello baby”. She responded with a broad smile and tried to communicate back. She’s gotten into this mode quite regularly as of late.

1) Little Katie weighed in at 10lbs 8oz this evening.