Day #736 (Mon., Jan. 9, 2012) – Stickers On Head

2012-01-09 - Me Loves Me Some Stickers
2012-01-09 - Me Loves Me Some Stickers

Katie is back into her stickers these days (as you can see in the photo to the right). She can peel them off the backing by herself now and has taken to putting them on top of her head. I think daddy taught her that…

My wife had a conference call that lasted for 2.5 hours today so I took care of Katie in the meantime. As I was playing with Katie I put a sticker of a tree on one of her plastic boxes that stores toys. When I gave her a similar sticker she turned the box around and put it on the exactly opposite end. Thinking we had a genius on our hands I did the same thing with a sticker of a candy cane and she just put it on the same side of the box that I put the original one.

Just before I put her to bed I gave Katie some cut up pork chop that my wife made. I also cut up a slice of bread with jam into long strips. If you give her the slice of bread as it is she will just lick the jam off it and leave the bread alone. This was an attempt to get her to eat both at the same time…and it was mildly successful.

1) Katie is really into stickers these days.