Day #836 (Wed., Apr. 18, 2012) – Ball In The Hall

When I got home from work this evening Katie met me in the door and said “Special Present”. I didn’t have anything for her (want to break her of this habit) so I decided that I would play ball with her in the hallway instead. We took the pink inflatable ball there and kicked it back and forth. I’m constantly amazed at how great her aim is…and she is only two years old.

2012-04-18 - Pink Rubber Boots
2012-04-18 - Pink Rubber Boots

Katie learned to put her pink rubber boots on all by herself (see photo to the right).

My wife wanted to work this evening so I played with Katie. We started off with the elastics that I gave her the other day but she really wanted to sing songs. I gave her my rendition of “If you’re happy and you know it”…with accentuated mouth and eye and hand gestures (which she particularly likes).

Katie no longer likes the “Waterfall Soother” that is attached to her crib and she loved so much for the past couple of years. If you turn it on she will turn it off. Instead, she likes the little sheep that Christine, our French friend gave us when Katie was born. It took a while for her to warm up to it…but she loves it now.

Katie hid the baby monitor this evening and we don’t know where. We spent quite a bit of the evening looking for it but it was no where to be found. My wife said that she thinks she saw her take it out of the corner of her eye and that she had a “devilish” look on her face.

1) Katie no longer likes her “Waterfall Soother”.