Day #1262 (Tue., Jun 18, 2013) – Spiderman Marker Set

Katie was very fussy this morning when my wife and I left for work. She told me that she didn’t want me to leave and cried and cried. Alexa said that it took an hour to calm her down after we left.

Since Katie was so fussy this morning I decided that I would drive out to the Dollar Store in Cary and get her some “Special Presents”. I ended up with:

  • A Spiderman Marker Set (see photo to the left)
  • A Spiderman Water Color Paint Set
  • Squirt Guns
  • Various Arts & Crafts…

More than enough fun to keep us going if Katie happens to get fussy this evening. I gave her the Spiderman Marker Set as soon as I got home.

My wife went to bed early and I took over tending to Katie this evening. We were watching the “Iron Giant” movie this evening when she said that she wanted what those guys at the counter were having. It was a milkshake. I put some vanilla ice cream and goat’s milk in the blender and whipped one up. She liked the taste but didn’t finish it. Perhaps it was the cherries on the milkshakes on the television that she was really after.

It looks like Katie might be tired of drinking from the bottle. She insisted on drinking her goat’s milk from a mug this evening.

11pm – it looks like Katie is not going to bed anytime soon. I did the handover to my wife.

1) Katie had her first milkshake today.