Day #1411 (Thu., Nov. 14, 2013) – Batman & Robin

I had a dentist appointment this morning so I decided that I would take the whole day off work. While I was in the chair I got an email that the mini-home in Nova Scotia had closed…nice to get that done.

I picked my wife up at noon so that we could go out to lunch at the Korean Buffet. While we were driving my wife told me that Katie has been asking for a kitten as of late. Our new nanny Nikki said that we should think about getting her one for Christmas. This set the gears in motion and after we were done eating we ended up at the Chapel Hill Animal Services office.

Once we walked inside there was a play area with three little kittens in it. Two were black and white and one was orange. One particular black & white kitten (i.e.: Peppo) took a real shining to us and came up to the front of the cage meowing and giving us that “pick me” look. My wife and I then proceeded to talk to the staff and see the other kittens and get more acquainted with the adoption process.

2013-11-14 - Peppo & BillieOn the drive home the plan was in place…
1) Drop my wife off at home.
2) Get the tire on my car fixed as per my 3pm appointment.
3) Go back and start the process to adopt Peppo & Billie, the two male brothers (see photo to the right). NOTE: The orange kitten in the cage with them, Marie, was not a sister…she just got along well with the boys so they put them together.
4) Go home and pick up my wife and Katie and drive to Phydeaux, a local Chapel Hill pet food store.
5) Pick up cat food, a litter box, food and drink dishes, etc.
6) Go back to the Orange County Animal Services office and pick up Peppo & Billie (who had been named by Katie “Batman and Robin” by this time).
7) Take the kittens home, get them acclimated…

1) Katie now has two kittens to play with.