Day #1692 (Fri., Aug. 22, 2014) – Bird In The House

2014-08-22 - Glue DotsAt noon today I stopped off at A.C. Moore’s to pick up an elastic band for Katie’s princess hat. I saw some “glue dots” that you can use to stick stuff together (see photo to the right). Less messy than glue so I got those as well.

Krista took care of Katie today. She had an ice cream machine and they brought it over to our house and made chocolate ice cream. I guess it was delish.

My wife called me just before I left for home. Robin brought a bird into the house and it escaped and is now lodged behind the cabinet in my bathroom. They had no idea how to get it out. I rushed home to assist but by the time I got there it came out by itself and they released it into the wild. Robin was of course roaming around looking for his “meal that escaped”.

This evening Katie and I wrestled on the bed and pretended to hide from the “Marshmallow Ghost” (i.e.: mommy). Katie is getting much more chatty and elaborate in story telling. She told me all about what “Marshmallow Ghosts” like to eat and how they sound. According to Katie you can’t smell them unless they are very close.

1) Krista and Katie made homemade chocolate ice cream today.