Day #2292 (Wed., Apr. 13, 2016) – Arnesa & The White Bread

2016-04-13 - Bobby's TV ShowWe try to limit Bobby’s television watching but he sure loves this Baby Genius Nursery Rhyme show. See photo to the right.

My wife went to Harris Teeter to get some white bread this morning as Arnesa is taking Katie to feed the ducks after school today. I guess that when they got there both girls ate a lot of the bread. Arnesa’s appetite is back a bit…I couldn’t believe that she would eat this cheap white bread.

My wife sent this email to Katie’s teacher yesterday:

First – welcome to Glenwood! I hope you’ll have very enjoyable and rewarding experience here. 🙂 I am mom to Katie Farnan (K, Ms. Ma class). I was wondering how Katie is doing. She scored one level below expectations on the overall reading level in midyear English reading assessments in January. Did you have a chance to retest her recently? Is there anything we need to do to help her? He seems to enjoy reading at home a lot…

Here was her response:

I am excited to be at GES! Katie is a hard-working, responsible young lady. In the short time I’ve had with her, she is on or close to where she needs to be with reading and writing. The more she reads, the more confidence and fluency she will gain. Of course, there’s always the balance of finding just the right mix of books. You want some that are on the “easier” side to build fluency and some that challenge with some new words. Knowing the basic, common sight words is also important to increasing reading proficiency. The report cards were not completed by me since the nine weeks was almost over when I came, but it shows what I have seen Katie do. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

Bobby got into Katie’s macaroni & shrimp dinner this evening and really liked it.