Day #2293 (Thu., Apr. 14, 2016) – Biting Bobby

2016-04-14 - WatermelonOne of Bobby’s favorite foods these days is watermelon (see photo to the right).

Katie was very happy on the drive to Glenwood this morning as today is PE day. I had no idea she liked physical education class. She told me that there were four stations: 1) Rope, 2) Basketball, 3) Balloon In The Air, and 4) Books. When I asked her what she liked best she said playing with Helen, and Helen likes the books area. These books all revolve around physical education topics.

The big boss kept us late for a meeting this evening so I didn’t get home til close to 7pm. Katie met me at the door. Luckily Bobby slept til 6pm but it is always a challenge for one person to put Katie to bed when Bobby is crawling around.

Bobby bit me this evening. I think he was trying to get away from his mother who was feeding him and ready to put him to bed. At any rate he crawled over to me and bit me on the forearm. It hurt. My wife told me that he has bitten Katie many times before and told him that he is not to bite people. At a little over one year old I’m not sure if he understands? At any rate I have a damaged knee and bite marks on my forearm courtesy of my children… 🙂