Day #1754 (Thu., Oct. 23, 2014) – Ginger Steals The Paper

As I was going to work today I noticed Ginger, the neighbor’s dog, in our driveway. He was walking up it with our newspaper in her mouth. As I tried to retrieve the paper she would walk further away…it was a game to her. Once I gave up the chase she dropped the paper and came over to me for a pat.

2014-10-23 - Dance ClassMy wife took Katie to her dance lesson this afternoon (see photo to the left).

When I got home from work today my wife and Katie had gone to the dog park with Lucy and her dog. Lucy was telling us that we should be really proud of Katie…everyone just loves her. Lucy told my wife that the thing she likes most about Katie is that she is very independent. Once she knows what she wants and sets her mind to something she does not waver.

I asked Katie what she did in school today. After much proding she thought long and hard and said that she played with Duncan.

1) Lucy said that she loves Katie because she is so independent.